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Welcome to The Trailer King! We are the industry leader for the highest quality, AMERICAN BUILT Pressure Washing and Mobile Detailing Trailers, Accessories and Cleaning Products, at The Best Prices in the COUNTRY!

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 The Trailer King Auto detailing and pressure washing trailers are the most advanced rigs in the industry. Our custom trailers are designed for long lasting durability and constructed with the professional auto detailer and pressure washing professional in mind. They are built to endure the wear and tear of heavy duty, day-in and day-out professional auto detailing and pressure washing use. Trailer King professional trailers are constructed of the finest materials and equipped with the highest quality, commercial grade equipment available on the market today. Our Auto trailers are customized by experts and are available in different configurations to fit your business needs and budget, and our professionals can even customize a trailer to meet your exact specifications or unique demands of your business.


        Nobody knows the Pressure Washing and Auto Detailing            business like we do!

The Trailer King has been a family owned and operated business for over 20 years! Today the 2nd generation of the family owns and operates the business. The Trailer King not only sells pressure washing trailers, but we are a full service wholesale and retail business selling Trailers, Accessories, Skids and Cleaning Supplies through out the United States and abroad. We also provide pressure washing trailers and equipment to fire and police departments, and city, state and federal agencies.


The Trailer King mobile trailers are designed by industry professionals with years of auto appearance and pressure washing experience. We are professionals who know firsthand the challenges and unique concerns of the auto detailing and pressure washing industry. As a result, The Trailer King mobile trailers are designed BY professionals FOR professionals!


Research and Development

After extensive research and development, the experts at Trailer King have created 2 popular models of professional auto detailing and pressure washing trailers that surpass any available on the market today in terms of quality, durability, and price. High-quality equipment, convenient storage, state-of-the-art trailer features and design, and optimal arrangement of equipment for maximum efficiency…The Trailer King team has thought of everything! We’ve done all the research and hard work so that you don’t have to.

Our auto detailing and pressure washing trailers are designed not only to look great, but also to be the most efficient and effective rigs available. Our experts know that for a mobile auto detailer or pressure washing professional, time is money. The design of our trailers will allow you to operate more quickly and efficiently, saving you valuable time and energy, and increasing your profits. With all of the on board equipment arranged conveniently and ample storage at your fingertips, a Trailer King auto detailing and pressure washing trailer will help streamline your car detailing and pressure washing operation and give you a competitive edge in your mobile detailing and pressure washing market.

Ownership - Starting or Expanding your Business

Owning one of our state-of-the-art trailers allows you to raise your level of professionalism and improve your detailing and pressure washing business image. With a dedicated, mobile trailer, there is no need to use the space of your personal vehicle to haul around your equipment, giving you a more professional appearance and more convenience and flexibility. For the serious professional, the choice is clear… a Trailer King Auto detailing and pressure washing trailer will help you get the job done right and set you apart from your competition!

You can purchase your Trailer King Auto detailing and Pressure Washing trailer with the confidence that you are buying the most advanced mobile rig in the industry.



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